Our budder is known for its amazing flavour. It is a great way to explore the world of cannabis concentrates. To make our budder we begin with high quality in house grown flower. Which we then process over 120 hours and 6 steps, to ensure that the flavour pronounced. Approximately 30-35% THC
At KleerX we pride ourselves on producing high-quality shatter by selecting only the finest flower. We then begin our 5 step process to refine our raw flower into the high-quality shatter we are known for over a 110 hours process. We pride ourselves on our transparent, stable, glass-like golden and flavour-filled shatters. Approximately 65-80% THC.
Distillate Syringe
Made from top-tier cannabis, we combine our high-quality extract with natural terpenes from a wide variety of strains to ensure your needs are met. KleerX distillate can be dabbed, added to your joints or bowls or consumed in a similar fashion to phoenix tears.
Disposable Vape Pen
Each KleerX Disposable Pen contains half a gram of distillate with added terpenes. This small, discreet pen is perfect for you pocket or your purse for enjoying on the go.
Vape Cartrdige
The KleerX Rechargeable Pen Cartridge is designed for use with the KleerX battery. The cartridge contains half a gram of high-quality distillate. Simply unscrew your old cartridge and screw on the replacement!
Rechargable Vape Kit
The KleerX Rechargeable Pen is a perfect choice if you’re looking to personalize your vaping experience. With three temperature modes and the ability to swap cartridges to suit your needs each pen kit contains half a gram of distillate and comes with a battery and USB charger.